Monday, April 4, 2011

If your life were a movie

If your life were a movie the main character would be inspirational. Yours would be no ordinary tale. It would be rich and complex. A story of heartache, of success and of struggle. It would be the story of all men with a unique twist. It would be intensely personal and yet easily related to. There would be wheels within wheels, moments of suspense, moments of intrigue and moments of mundane boredom.

If your life were a movie it would be a classic. Critics would herald the storyline as timeless. There would be episodes of failure and moments where all seemed lost. Broken relationships and dreams would be scattered amongst life long friendships and fulfilled ambitions. To you the failures would seem monumental but they would teach valuable lessons, they would inspire and they would bring many to tears.

If your life were a movie it would be billed as a blockbuster. It would screen to full houses with advanced bookings required. It would be both an art-house and main stream success. Audiences would leave with different impressions. To some it would speak of overcoming against the odds, to others, the inconvenience of battling a chronic illness and others still would find strength in identifying with the story….all would be right.
If your life were a movie, diabetes would be presented as it really is, sometimes invisible yet always present. At times it would take centre stage, at others it would not even be noticed. There would be high times and low times, success and failure, moments of confusion and moments of lucidity. Within the same story would lie unexplained contradictions and a multitude of loose ends.

In the process of making any movie there are mistakes. Scripts are written and re-written, scenes are shot and re-shot and sometimes in the process, people are hurt. Insults shouted in anger, linger and off handed remarks are taken with more meaning than intended. These are all hidden parts of a long production process. It is a process of refinement, of editing and of fine tuning.

The fullness of your story will never show in the mirror. It is not reflected in any A1C or reading on a glucometer. It is a tale forged from living with a chronic illness. It is learned from bitter experience and harsh realities, in the school of hard knocks. Swinging blood glucose, mixed emotions, guilt and loss are all key ingredients. Those things that we shy away from are what draw others to us. In our battles they find themselves, in our failures they find strength and from our success they draw inspiration.

Diabetes is an unpredictable part of life which requires constant vigilance and monitoring. These are simple truths but they are not the whole picture. The whole picture is contained in the blogs and journals of countless individuals. They are retold in vivid detail and with heartfelt honesty. They are your stories and they are mine. Some are written and many are yet to be.

No... your life may never be a movie. The stories played out in your everyday life no writer would dare pen and no director, dream of casting!

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